Mechanations- Continued

Watched over by machines with loving care:

Recently, I have been experimenting with my previously rendered technical illustrations.
They are "reincarnations" and some are published under "Illustration" on this website.

It seems everything we do is manged by machines. We cannot underestimate their presence in our lives. As machines get smarter and more predictable they will play a bigger, and possibly more emotional part in our lives. I like to think of them as beautiful things with endless capabilities. Windmills, power plant turbines, electric motors, automation control devices, automobiles, electrical distribution systems all depend on machines. We live in the machine age. Every computer keyboard connects us to a machine. From engineers to artists the machine plays a role in our lives. When their "intelligence" supersedes our own; I hope that caring will be built into their programs.

Currently, there are some of my illustrations displayed at 10 Flavors Studios, 333 2nd Street NE. Please feel free to come by and take a look.