Giving back is fun

Sometimes I get fun little projects that give me great pleasure and a sense of fulfillment. The 3 projects shown here are just that. They are no miracles of design or illustration. Each serves a purpose by fulfilling community need.

The Bushel And A Peck logo is for a fundraiser to continue to fund a program that ensures grade school students in the Charlottesville City Schools have access to healthy snacks during the day.


The Evil Cell Tower is to support a neighborhood group lobbying to stop a cell tower from being constructed on a small parcel of land in the middle of their subdivision. The owner of the vacant lot - an absentee landlord - stands to make a substantial amount of money from this land lease. The nearby property owners are petitioning the HOA to consider their plight, based on environmental and decreased property value concerns.

Tower Monster LoRes.jpg

The UVA Neurology Running Crew Shirt is intended to encourage department staff to join the running crew. A portion of the sale of each shirt goes to the Epilepsy Foundation.

UVA Neurology Shirt 10_18_2018_OLT_A2 copy.png