A logo by any other name.


Recently I had the opportunity to work with a colleague to develop a logo for his consulting firm. The logo process for me is very collaborative and Dan and I spent several meetings batting around ideas and looking at sketches. I made three presentations to Dan (numbered appropriately in the graphic below). Here is a summary of the comments that drove us through the process:

Presentation 1:
Dan: "I like it. What other ideas do you have?
Mike: "uhhhhh...."

Presentation 2:
Dan:  "I like them. Could we simplify things and make the mountains more stylized?"
Mike: "No!" (We were finally getting somewhere.)

Presentation 3:
Dan: "Nice!."
Mike: " I am glad you like it."

If you are interested to hear what Dan has to say about CIMA CONSULTING:

"I founded CIMA Consulting after beginning my career in the nonprofit sector. Through CIMA, I am proud to work with mission driven businesses and nonprofit organizations to develop and implement their strategic goals." - Dan Katz

or visit him at: http://www.cima.consulting/